Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Disneydimney's Birthday Party. :)

Hiya All,

I am going to conduct my Birthday Party at 25th of February 2013... Its my first party so make sure to come and wish me... I am going to be 13 years at this year 2013.. Is it cool? There is a interesting fact.. that I was born in 2000 and every year's number is my age!! :D LOL. :)

I would be loved by adding and meeting you all at my Birthday Party.. I am very excited!! :D

There it the invitation for you:-


Make sure to spread the world about it.. I will really appreciate it...

Comment below If you are coming and joining me.. :)

Cya there,

Waddle On...

^Disneydimney :)
(Update):- The Lucky member who will join me at my Birthday Party will win 2 Coin Codes. 

Saturday, 26 January 2013

Age Of Dinosaurs Igloo Location

Lets ROAR! Its time to shake things up. Press D to roar! Now ROAR! at these places to earn a rare prize ..

Cool .. I Love this Invisble Igloo :) ... I was waiting it from 1st day of prehistoric party :D ...


Waddle On ...
~ Disneydimney

Friday, 25 January 2013

Island whisper strange primeval

Message from Federflink1:
Hey People,
everyone from the present found it fun to go back in time and explore the ancient times.
You are destined already and encountered so many interesting and remarkable discovery, such as the frozen shark in the iceberg ... Whether the shark has to do with preventing the iceberg from tipping? What do you think it's all about? Please share your ideas with me by in the comments below  in the box. I am looking forward to it! :-)
Your Federflink1
from Club Penguin Team
                                                              ~ Disneydimney :)

Gary The Gadget Guy Meet Ups

Message From Loustik005:

Hi caveguins!

Dinosaurs are invading the present time! According to Gary, the risks of time are major! He needs our help twice: to study the lives of dinosaurs and to return them once and for all in prehistory! I found a few servers and times of Gary's visits.

Friday 25 January:
Yéti – 8:30 Club Penguin Time*

Saturday 26 January:
Yéti – 2:00 Club Penguin Time*
Yéti – 8:00 Club Penguin Time*

Sunday 27 January:
Jour de Neige – 3:30 Club Penguin Time*
Jour de Neige – 8:00 Club Penguin Time*

*The official Club Penguin Time is at the Snow Forts! (France Time = Time of Club Penguin + 9h; Time of Québec = Time of Club Penguin + 3h)

I also might see you soon! On the blog or on the island! 


Thanks for more Meet Ups Loustik005 :)


Thursday, 24 January 2013

New Free Club Penguin Code – Jan 24 – Virtual Laptop!

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